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Bring in old jewellery you don't use and we can use the material and stones to create something you will love.  We can supply gems and gold if needed.  We work with you to create a 3D design because a picture is worth a thousand words and it helps you get the special piece you want.  We have state of the art equipment and trained staff to help you get a quality product that you will treasure for years.



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Corporate Creations

State of Art Equipment

Not every Jeweler uses a Laser Welder.  A Laser Welder is a huge investment compared to a torch, approximately $30,000, and requires special training to run such a hi-tech piece of machinery.

Why do we use a Laser Welder?

  • Strength - With the Laser Welder we use the same gold as the ring to weld, not solder.  Jewelers that use a torch use solder which is a weaker joint.  A laser joint is 250 times stronger than a solder joint.  Solder flows into joint and requires filing and sanding down the piece to match.   With a laser welder you are building up the joint increasing the thickness and then you file down the built up area keeping the original thickness of the piece.  
  • Appearance - A solder joint seam in some metals like white gold and platinum sometimes becomes apparent later with wear as the shine wears off, this doesn't happen with a laser joint. 
  • Heat - A torch uses high heat flames to melt the solder in order to join the metals together.  This heat can be harmful to fragile stones and can require the fragile stones be removed to complete the repair.  Removing and resetting stones adds to the labour cost involved in this repair, and there is also a risk of damage.
  • Accuracy & Efficiency - A Laser Welder melts and fuses two metals together using a focused light beam which means little heat is generated at the weld area allowing the Jeweler to weld within 1/2 mm of heat sensitive areas.  Controlled heat means there is no softening of the overall piece structure and less chance of damage to nearby gems or less need to remove and reset.  It can take more time to do a laser repair but you get a better end result.  Stone tips and chain repairs are superior in strength and will look like the original piece making it hard to see that a repair is done.   

The benefits far outweigh any expense.  Laser welding is the only way to preserve an antique piece of jewelry and its value.  What is your jeweler using?